Download our unique HOOKSearch software

We have developed an unique list preparation software called HOOKSearch.
It enables you to search for the songs you want to test, and put them in music test lists
on your own PC.
You can edit your list, sort it, save it, and print it. And when you are finished, you can order
your SUPER HOOKS tape by simply sending us your list as a special output file via e-mail
(or fax the printed list the old-fashioned way).
HOOKSearch will ease the pain and headaches how to compile and order your music
research test lists, and it is also a great source of information to every music director!
See for yourself - HOOKSearch is free of charge (for radio stations/research companies).
After you are finished with downloading both files please contact us to get your personal
security code for the software.

Download new HOOKSearch 1.2 software (may not run on every Windows system but is compatible with most; up to WIN 7) 

Download HOOKSearch library data file (as of: 2011-10-20)