SUPER HOOKS rates & service fees
service fees
basic 50.00 US$ basic hook library charge for each hook-tape/list/file
hook 1.00 US$ per hook (for standard test lists)
1.50 US$ per hook (if 6-10% are missing songs*)
2.00 US$ per hook (if 11-20% are missing songs*)
2.50 US$ per hook (if 21-30% are missing songs*)
3.00 US$ per hook (if 31-50% are missing songs*)
*songs, that are not in our SUPER HOOKS library and need to be added
media 2.50 US$ for CD-ROM or cassette 10.00 US$ for DAT tape
shipping Your choice of UPS, FedEx or DHL standard or express service.
Shipping cost are extra, and are not included in fees above!
For more information or special data work please contact us.